David's Most Famous Monastery

The most famous monastery David and his monks built was known as Menevia,
on the rugged coast of West Wales.
The settlement consisted of small wattle and daub huts surrounded by a protective wall.
There was also a church with a stone cross, where monks would preach to the people about God.

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Later, the simple wattle and daub huts were later replaced by stone buildings.
Today, a beautiful cathedral stands on the site where David originally built his monastery.
This is named after David and is called St. David's Cathedral.
The name 'Menevia' is still used by some local people,
but the place is better known as St. Davids, and is the smallest city in Great Britain.

Thank you to:
The Friends of St. David's Cathedral for the sketch of a typical Celtic Monastery
(from "The St. David of History" address given by Professor EG Bowen)
and also to
British Telecom for use of the photograph of St. Davids Cathedral